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Restaurant We Love- Chi Modern Vietnamese Kitchen

September 01, 2016

Restaurant We Love- Chi Modern Vietnamese Kitchen

Although she never intended on becoming a cook, Chi Le went back to her homeland where she became a celebrity for her culinary talents. A friend, who knew how well she cooked, signed her up—without her knowledge—to compete on MasterChef Vietnam in 2014.

Finishing as a runner-up on the show, she toured across the country with famous chefs as she was recognized on the street, signed autographs, and posed for selfies. She has since written two cookbooks (one in Vietnamese and another in English) and became an inspiration for many Vietnamese people.

The reason she wanted to open a restaurant in Vancouver is because she feels there are many aspects of Vietnamese cuisine that aren't fully represented here. With a preponderance of pho, bánh mí, and street-market dishes, she feels there's a lot of affordable, casual food in Vancouver "but you don't have a whole cultural experience", she says, such as shared family meals or dishes for special occasions.

At Chi, the goal is to give guests a taste of traditional Vietnamese flavors in a contemporary and modern style. Vietnamese cuisine is a fusion food with techniques and flavors from many parts of the East and West combined. Chi strives to show how beautiful and delicious traditional Vietnamese flavors can be with a modern flair that is conscious about the history and transformation of Vietnamese food.

Check out Chi Modern Vietnamese Kitchen for a taste of traditional Vietnam!

Chi Modern Vietnemese Kitchen

1935 West 4th Ave, Vancouver


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