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Suit Up! The Vancouver Open Water Swim Association Presents the 2014 Kitsilano Challenge

May 08, 2014

Swimmers, listen up! The warmer weather is finally here and that means race season is set to begin in the coming weeks and months. If you're searching for a real challenge this summer where you'll be able to meet and compete against a wide range of other swimmers, the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association's (VOWSA) 2014 Kitsilano Challenge is where you need to be. There are individual races for swimmers of all skill sets, whether you want to go at it alone or with a team in a relay. Here are all the details you'll need to be aware of if you plan on competing this year.

Four Different Race Events Open to Hundreds of Swimmers

The 2014 Kitsilano Challenge involves four different race events: a 1.5km, a 3km, a 6km, and a 4 x 1.5km relay. Each of these will be taking place on Saturday, August 2 at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. The total number of entrants who'll be able to register for this year's Challenge has been set at a maximum of 300, so you'll want to look into registering as soon as you can in order to guarantee yourself a spot.

Registration Fees and General Schedule of Events

In terms of actually getting yourself onto one of the race day lists, registration for the Kitsilano Challenge will be ending a minute before midnight on Wednesday, July 30. You can fill out your application on the main VOWSA website ( Fees for both the solo and relay events are set at $30 per person. On race day, it’s crucial that you check in at the appropriate time and are aware of when your event begins. Check-in time for the 3km and 6km events goes from 7:30 AM to 8:15 AM. Both the solo and relay 1.5km have check in from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Races then begin with the 6km solo and 4 x 1.5km relay at 8:30 AM (men and women), the 3km at 8:45 AM (men and women), and the 1.5km at 9:45 AM (men and women).

Prizes, Food, and Drink Provided by This Year's Sponsors

After you've competed in your race and you're back on dry land, a delicious selection of food and drink will be available to you that's been provided by the sponsors for this year's Kitsilano Challenge. Those sponsors include Whole Foods Market, Swimco, Team Aquatic Supplies, Vrroom, The Granola King, Terra Breads, Starbucks Coffee, and Aquarius Chiropractic. These sponsors have also provided the prizes, which will be awarded to the top men and women finishers in each event once all of the competitors have finished and have had a chance to enjoy the refreshments. Whether you're an avid competitive swimmer or you're looking to start off with your very first competitive event ever, this year's Kitsilano Challenge is an excellent race to add to your calendar in August. You'll be able to spend some time in the sun, enjoy the water, meet new people, and then top off the morning with a nutritious selection of food and drink. It's the ideal summer event for anyone who loves to swim.

Peter Raab, Kitsilano Real Estate Agent

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