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Restaurant We Love- Railtown Cafe (*coming soon!)

28 February 2017, 15:41

Restaurant We Love- Railtown Cafe (*coming soon!)

Launched in 2012 by Vancouver chefs Dan Olson and Tyler Day, Railtown Cafe is known for its fresh, healthy comfort food including made-from-scratch sandwiches, artisan bread and pastries, locally roasted coffee, cold-pressed juices and a lineup of local craft beer, wine and spirits.

Building on an unprecedented year of growth and momentum, Railtown Cafe is set to make new neighbours across Greater Vancouver this year when the beloved counter-service cafe lays down tracks to a new location in Olympic Village. The upcoming 30-seat cafe will be situated at 1691 Main St (at East 1st Ave).

“We’re extremely excited to not only grow the Railtown brand but to introduce ourselves to some new local neighbourhoods in the coming months.  We look forward to fostering the same fun, friendly environment and sense of community for staff and customers in our new locations that we’ve become known for at our original cafe where it all began.”  – Dan Olson, Co-owner, Railtown

Since its inception, Railtown Cafe has celebrated a number of milestones including launching a series of Saturday Tailgate Barbecue events in the summer of 2015 and adding Saturday service to its daily chef-driven lineup this past spring. The company also introduced gourmet Thanksgiving-, Christmas- and Easter-To-Go packages through Railtown Catering in fall 2015.

For more information, visit Railtown’s current location at: 397 Railway St, or online at: 

Railtown Cafe

1691 Main St, Vancouver

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