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Bakery We Love- Fife Bakery

18 January 2017, 10:58

Bakery We Love- Fife Bakery

Fife Bakery, an all natural, organic artisan bakery specializing in naturally leavened breads made from local ingredients, recently opened in Olympic Village and we couldn't be happier! *except of course, when they sell out...go early!

Felix Yau, the founder of Fife, makes naturally leavened breads out of organic and local ingredients including flour from Chilliwack, milk from Abbotsford, and eggs from Langley. The trick to making his "old school" sourdough loaves lies in a culinary science: a long fermentation process, and a perfectly-balanced dough mixture. 

Emphasizing the importance of sourcing primarily local, and no-matter-what Canadian ingredients in his baking, it was natural for Yau to name the bakery after Red Fife, a bread wheat native to Peterborough, Ontario. Currently over 95% of Fife’s ingredients are sourced from the lower mainland.

Currently Fife also offers a handful of baked goods including brioche loaves, sourdough loaves, and chocolate chip cookies. Yau says he intends to keep the selection small, and there’s a reason.

“I’d rather focus on making one thing really great than make a bunch of things that are mediocre,” says Yau.

Customers at Fife can also enjoy a small selection of retail items including Sirene artisan chocolate, Orazio’s Olive Oil, and Bows & Arrows coffee by the cup.

Bread-lovers, run don't walk to Fife!

Fife Bakery

64, East 3rd Ave, Vancouver


Hours:  Tue-Sat / 12-6pm, or until sold out.

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